Dreamtime Retreat

Where the Red Earth Meets the Milky Way

4 Days/3 Nights

All Inclusive Wellness Retreat at 



Dreamtime Medicine

Discover Ancient Bush Remedies Handed Down From Dreamtime Stories

Journey deep into the heart of Australia’s Red Centre and discover a 60,000-year-old healing system.  Explore this otherworldly country with a traditional healer of the Anangu people  and learn how to gather, prepare and apply bush medicine, a complex and sophisticated aboriginal pharmacopoeia handed down from the Dreamtime stories.

Stay at Longitude 131°, a luxury desert camp in the shadows of Ayers Rock. Feel the ancestral roots of Australia. Feel the profound sense of connection to the red earth. Sit under the cosmic glow of the Milky Way and share stories around campfire with like-minded individuals.  Tuck yourself into a luxury swag and be nurtured by the silence of the desert as you spend the whole night looking up at the beauty of the universe

Retreat Highlights:

  • Spend three days in the company of an Anangu Bush Medicine guide while you explore Uluru-Kata-Tjuta National Park

  • Participate in a daily Bush Medicine Workshop where you will learn how to make bush rubs and medicines the traditional way

  • Participate in sacred smoking ceremonies

  • Discover old dancing grounds and their healing songs   

  • Learn about the Tjukurpa, the law, stories and spirituality of the Anangu people. Journey back to the Beginning of Time, when ancestral beings first created the world


  • Spend the last evening with an Anangu story-teller around a fire under the Milky Way, and listen to stories about the ancestors and the origins and the structure of the universe and the place and behaviour of all elements within it


A Natural Earth-Sanctuary

Get away from mindless materialism, light pollution and stressful noise and vanish into the clear blue sky in red centre of Australia.  Let yourself be dwarfed by nature. Let yourself be inspired by Uluru. The Anangu people, the traditional owners of Uluru, call their journeys across the land iwara (songlines). It is possible to follow the stories and songs of their ancestors along these songlines, sometimes for many hundreds of kilometres. When you are in the park, you can follow the Tjukurpa stories and see Tjukuritja as you walk around Uluru. The Tjukuritja are Anangu ancestors, who can take the form of people, plants or animals. They travelled widely across the land, forming the world as we know it, creating trees rocks, caves, boulders and waterholes. A journey to Uluru truly is an altered state of mind!

The Way of the 

Anangu People

Journey To The Beginning Of Time

The traditional landowners of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park are the Yankunytjatjara and Pitjantjatjara people. In their language they call themselves Anangu. They are proud to share their land with visitors and would like you to learn about Tjukurpa, their traditional law, stories and spirituality. The Anangu people have relationships with and responsibilities for particular sites and the Tjukurpa of those sites. These relationships are based on Anangu belief that they share spiritual and physical identity with the land, and particularly with the site(s) at which they were conceived and born.


Prepare for an amazing journey back to the beginning of time as you learn about the Anangu people through song, dance, art, ceremonies and story-telling. 

Bush Botanicals


An essential part of the Dreamtime Retreat, is an exploration of bush remedies drawn from the area’s native ingredients. The outback’s semi-arid landscape is a rich nutritional kitchen and pharmacy. Plants feature prominently in indigenous remedies and treatment can involve balms, teas, washes, massages and aromatherapies. They also used native gums and mud.


Over three days, you will have a unique opportunity to explore the use of bush medicine directly from an indigenous local guide. You will learn how Indigenous Australians have used native plants to treat common ailments for thousands of years and how they possessed a highly-developed system for managing their health and wellbeing,


You will also get to participate in making your own handmade bush balms


 using natural ingredients. learn how plants can be incorporated into various treatments, for example a massage balm made with scented emu bush, or soap made from eucalyptus. 

The plants for the bush products are prepared by using the traditional grinding method and instead of using animal fat, we use modern ingredients. Besides the plant material, the rubs contain Olive and Soybean oils and Beeswax and the body oils are made with Macadamia, Sunflower and Soybean oils.

Traditionally, plants were used for a wide variety of ailments and collection of plant material depended on seasons, location and availability. These products are made by incorporating this knowledge that has been passed on for generations. Products are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure you are receiving the best quality product for your skin.

When Was the Last Time You Saw The Milky Way?


Famed for its sense of isolation and for offering front-and-centre views of Uluru from every room, Longitude 131°, is the perfect place to soak up the desert's unique charms.

A stay at Longitude 131° is all about exploring the Red Centre's unique landscapes – from early morning walks around Uluru and Kata Tjuta and dinners in the desert, to a memorable "camp" experience that could really exceed all expectations. 


Each of the 16 "tents", with their distinctive white canopies floating like sails above the sandy plains, has an open-air veranda equipped with an ethanol fireplace, daybeds and two comfy luxury swags. In other words, guests can fall asleep on their decks, bathed in firelight and the glow of the Milky Way.

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