Feedback we thrive on!

Over the years, the feedback we have received from our travellers have provided valuable insights and ideas. Their comments and opinions have helped shape the itineraries we create. We rely on, no we crave, this feedback! At the end of the day, our traveller's opinion is the ONLY opinion that matters.

Below we have listed some of our favourite testimonials. These testimonials are just a few of many wonderful letters and emails we have received.


We hope the comments and stories from previous customers will inspire you to travel with us. 

"All members of the group brought with them their own very special energies which seemed to blend"

 "I absolutely loved this trip. All experiences have grown me personally in all areas spiritual, mental + physical. This was a very special trip."

"If there was a Hall of Fame for Spritiual Tours to Egypt"

I wasn't going to let anything hold me back for this exiting (maybe once in a lifetime) journey.

 "The private sessions were particularly special."

There were so many highlights it is difficult to choose. The private sessions were particularly special. If I had to nominate one highlight, it would be the private session in Ramses VI tomb. The combination of 5-star accommodation and organised tour were essential building blocks. The spiritual quest orientation self- selected a particular group of people who were very enjoyable to travel with. For me it was a wonderful experience..." John R, QLD

"I laughed and cried and was inspired by the ancient peoples"

For those people who are spiritually attuned to this ancient land, it is an uplifting and sweetly-scented journey of the soul. Physically demanding but spiritually awakening. In Egypt I laughed and cried and was inspired by the ancient peoples. I groaned with exhaustion and danced with joy. I walked with the Priests and Priestesses and gods and goddesses. I felt the energy and I felt the past.  Claire B, South Australia

To be honest I was blown away by the team that you have over in Egypt

Egypt was magical and spiritually, emotionally and mentally uplifting! Egypt is such a mystical place but I know that if I had experienced it without being on this particular tour I would have never experienced the same level of quality or self enhancement that I did with such a professional tour agency!

I thank God for the opportunity to partake in this trip.

The incredible connection I felt to the pyramids and certain temples brought out emotions and a strong feeling of coming home. I had an inner knowing that I was meant to do this trip, but my expectations were surpassed a hundred fold. Spiritually and mentally I feel I'm still assimilating all we did. I feel stronger and empowered and I feel I've had lots of clearing. Physically I feel we did a lot and could have used a couple of days laying in the sun. But I am glad I did all I did. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone that has a calling to Egypt." Rose F, Melbourne

The whole trip was a highlight, one of the best I have ever done

I guess it (the highlight) has to be the Great Pyramid. Who could not be awe inspired by this ancient monument? To be fortunate enough to enter alone (just our group) and have our private time was indeed a privilege and from the silence of everyone it was clear that we were all moved by the experience.

I found the trip everything I had hoped it would be.

My reason for going was for the history and I was not disappointed. I did not have any expectations spiritually, but was prepared to open my mind when the need arose. Jo's meditations were wonderful and new to me and I looked forward to them in the evenings to recuperate after a hectic day. I felt the energy in the temples and tried to visualise what life was like 5000 years ago. I felt very close to the ancient Egyptians." Jan P, NSW

Our Egyptologist was a true scholar - fantastic!!!

The meditation exercise in the tomb in the Valley of the Kings was absolutely a knockout experience as was our time inside the Great Pyramid. The advantages of those experiences are hard to define but will not only be trip highlights but highlights of a lifetime.

"I would not have had it any other way"

"……For me the whole experience was very hard. I went through an array of emotions, but you know, I would not have had it any other way. People have to understand that trips like this one are going to be very challenging and hard. But in the end it is worth it because you gain some more wisdom into yourself…" Rebecca N, NSW

The best journey I have ever experienced

"……the best journey I have ever experienced. Saw Egypt and its wonders in the best way and enjoyed every minute of it. It's a very special place & people. I will be coming back soon. Have to do it all over again…." Amanda M, Canberra

The trip to Egypt touched the centre of  my being

"...You cannot leave without profound personal changes. A must do." John W, Sydney.


"...The trip to Egypt touched the centre of my being and changed my life." Steven I, Sydney.


"...I knew before I left for Egypt that this journey was to be a gift." Vicki O, Sydney.

We laughed, we cried, we opened our minds"

"...We laughed, we cried, we opened our minds.I came back physically bolder, more powerful in my purpose, confident to create, and mentally more alert." Ray W, Sydney.

I feel different on every level

Absolutely fantastic! It surpassed greatly anything I imagined it might be. I felt so privileged to be able to chant and meditate in the various temples and connect with the wonderful vibration of the ancient schools. It really has surprised me - the effect this journey has started within. I feel different on every level - with changes continuing mentally and mystically.

I walked away from the trip with the most amazing feeling of spiritual growth

"…I wouldn't have wanted to see Egypt in any other way! The group was fantastic!!! The trip was beautifully planned and executed with flexibility 

The experience of the "King's Chamber" will live with me forever.

Egypt has changed my life forever and I need to return. I was struck by the need to simplify my life. The Nile was magical and its "life force" permeated my whole body.

For the small pittance and effort it took to get to Egypt the rewards were so outstanding.

So absolutely out of proportion to what I put into making the journey happen, this experience has really lifted my whole self and being to an extraordinary level.

The synchronicity has been amazing since getting back.

The whole tour was for me a dream come true. I loved how even though we had an itinerary we still did spontaneous things. I am still pinching myself that I really have been to Egypt after all those years of wanting to. I was just saying to Vicki, that everywhere I go I am seeing Isis. On the buses, in the "Sun", horses. The synchronicity has been amazing since getting back. I certainly have had a shift in consciousness. People are telling, I look well/wonderful since getting back" Janine C, Melbourne

I felt + still feel a mysterious pull to Egypt + would love to return

...to visit the temples + pyramids again and again. I had unforgettable experiences through some of the meditations - especially hearing the voice + message from my guide. I am finding out that there's lots of clearing happening for me. My spiritual awareness has opened further and my willingness to dig in further into the sacred mysteries has strengthened…..Silvia A, Melbourne

I want to return as soon as possible

"…..Kings Chamber was awesome and the Nile cruise was fantastic. I was overwhelmed with my experiences…..I have wanted to see Egypt since I was about 13, so to actually be there was like a dream. When I try to explain what my trip was like I cannot explain why I have changed. I want to return as soon as possible…..Julie D, Melbourne

I believe that the healing process has continued upon my return to Australia.

 "….I really had the most fabulous time - Egypt has been a source of inspiration to me for many years - to be able to travel there + meet up with a wonderful supportive group of people + have a spiritual focus as well as an historical focus, was for me, a perfect combination.

It was an amazing journey for me on so many levels

 "....I don't imagine I could find another country so mystical + spiritually awakening. Was just wonderful. The trip was very full on - I loved this aspect. I didn't want even to sleep - I did not want to miss a single moment of this experience. Personally, I just beamed + had no problems with the mental or physical aspects…..I loved the lot + surprised myself when I did not want to ever come home

I absolutely loved the Great Pyramid,

the private time we had there 

 and the meditations, I can't imagine ever having a better experience."..."The Felucca ride was beautiful. The trip to Abu Simbel. Private time with Sehkmet..." Elaine G, VIC

This was the most amazing experience of my life.

  I am a different person and I am still finding it difficult to settle into my old life. I had the most beautiful spiritual + mystical experiences and they are still continuing. My life has changed and with preparation time my physical life will change.

The highlight is this unique aspect of not just feeling you were one of many tourists.

 "…It was fantastic - on all levels. Thank you for organising it the way you did. Pyramids & the museum at the end was perfect as we had more understanding by then. LOVED the personal time at places - felt stepped back in time. I feel "different" spiritually - new focus. Great group, meals great, everybody friendly. Well organised…" Barbara H, Qld

Didn't want to come home!

  I"...I loved my camel rides. I loved being there. Didn't want to come home!..." Sash W, QLD

"...AWESOME is all I have to say!..." Vicki M, NSW