The Dreamtime Retreat

A Destination Can Change You Forever

Mara Ala

Dive deep into the ngangkari healing tradition of Central Australia. Learn about ancient healing methods such as, Mara-Ala (healing hands,) still practiced today.


Camp fire stories told by ngangkari elders or the traditional healers of Central Australia. Maralia is a spirit journey that takes place at night when the patients are asleep.


 Creation stories. Learn how earth and sky are animated and alive with power and spirit. Discover the forces and the laws that governs everything.


Where the Red Earth Meets the Milky Way

Journey deep into the heart of Australia’s Red Centre and discover a 60,000-year-old healing system.  Explore this otherworldly country with a ngangkari (a traditional healer) and learn about a complex and sophisticated aboriginal pharmacopoeia handed down from the Dreamtime stories.

Feel the ancestral roots of Australia. Grab the red earth with your bare feet and feel a profound sense of connection to Mother Earth. Sit under the cosmic glow of the Milky Way and share Marali stories around campfire with with a ngangkari healer.  Tuck yourself into a luxury swag at the end of each day, and be nurtured by the silence of the desert as you spend the whole night looking up at the beauty of the universe

4 Days/3 Nights

All Inclusive Wellness Retreat at 




Star-Baths, Native Rosemary & Red Earth

Set among the spinifex and rich red dunes, Longitude 131° offers a spiritually grounding, revitalising connection to Australia’s best-known natural icon, Uluru. The welcome open spaces and the ever-changing views of the monolith makes Longitude 131° a serene base for relaxation and well-being.

This journey combines luxury, relaxation and indigenous healing practices in a place where natural remedies have been practiced since the time of creation.



Marali - Spirit Journey

A private gathering around a camp fire with Aboriginal ngangkari elders.  As the only invited guests, this evening excursion promises to be an unforgettable event as the elders share their personal insights and stories about the healing practice of Marali.

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Mara Ala


Discover ancient bush remedies handed down from the dreamtime stories. Join senior ngangkari ladies to learn about the use and the production of a bush medicine called, irmangka-irmangka, also known as Scented Emu Bush,  which has been used as a general cure-all in the bush long before medical clinics were set up in the communities.

You will also learn about powerful healing treatments, such as Mara Ala (healing hands.) The practice of traditional healing is still very much a part of indigenous communities. You will be taught in language through an interpreter under the the gaze of Uluru, whose mysterious natural energies radiate throughout the landscape. 


Given by Creation 

to be Cared For

Join Aboriginal ngangkari elders at the base of Uluru and learn how earth and sky are animated and alive with power and spirit. Discover the forces and the laws that governs everything. This is called Tjukurpa in language. Ngangkari work according to ancient laws and are strict about following the law. They will offer spoken Tjukurpa which contains Tjukurpa about the healing touch, the healing breath and how ngangkari came to be.


Emerge from the experience with a sense of connection to all there is, as you gaze calmly into the rare stillness inspired by the outback’s limitless horizons.

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